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As the Christian Reformed Church grew in North America, an internal structure for governance, support and continuity became imperative. Each North American Classis is responsible for supporting and connecting the churches in its region.


The Christian Reformed Church originated in the Netherlands. Inspired by the teachings of John Calvin, the CRC is an active denomination in both the United States and Canada.


Religious persecution and devastating famine in the Netherlands drove thousands of Dutch immigrants to North America during the Second World War. These immigrants were connected through their faith and supported by local churches during their transition to a very new place.  


Today, the CRC consists of 7 distinct regions, 49 classes, hundreds of churches and thousands of believers.  To learn more about the CRC, click here



To Connect. To Serve. 

The mission of Classis Toronto is to equip, connect and grow leaders, congregations and ministries who are sharing Christ’s love in the communities and lands of the region.

To view our entire mission and vision, click here


Our Work

Classis Toronto meets three times a year: February, May, and October.

These meetings usually range from a half to a full day. Our meeting notes are public and can be accessed below. 

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