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Committees within Classis Toronto work to accomplish specific, predetermined and classis-wide goals. 

Learn more about our committees below:

Classis Executive Committee

Classis Executive Committee Chair - Henry Eygenraam

Classis Ministry Committee

Missions Catalyzer - John Bouwers

The CMC exists to help nurture vision and planning within Classis.

Race Relations

Race Relations Chair - Rob Datema

The Race Relations Committee serves to encourage racial and ethnic diversity in the CRC by providing a forum for learning and sharing.

Finance Committee

Finance Chair - John Nyholt

This committee is responsible for submitting an annual budget for each calendar year and an audited financial statement each spring.

Home Missions

Home Missions Chair - Rich Grift

This committee works with the churches of the Classis as they seek to be agents of reconciliation.

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LOGOS Campus Ministry at York University

Chair - Harry Fernhout

A committee to support and promote the campus ministry at York University.

Campus Ministry Committee for UoT

Campus Ministry Committee for UoT Chair - Leah DeJong

A committee to support and promote the campus ministry at the University of Toronto.

Safe Church Committee

Safe Church Coordinator - Tanya Thorvardson

Classis Safe Church Team (CSCT) is to support the development and implementation of Safe Church ministry in all member churches of Classis Toronto. 

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Candidacy Committee

Candidacy Chair - Thyra VanKeeken

Consultation and advisory committee regarding matters related to ministerial candidacy in the CRC.

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