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The resources provided here are meant to serve and support church leaders and congregation members. 

If you’re looking to find a church, click here.


Here you'll find 2022 preaching appointments.

Guidelines for Churches & Preachers Regarding Classical Preaching Appointments 2022

Classis Documents

Here you'll find 2022 preaching appointments.

See below to download the document.

A list of ministers and those licensed to preach.

Ministers and Licensure

Classis Documents

A list of ministers and those licensed to preach.

Click below to download this resource.

Documentation of our internal procedures.

Rules and Mandates

Classis Documents

Documentation of our internal procedures.

Our rules and mandates are being updated. Download available here when applicable.

A document on racial reconciliation.

The Belhar Confession

CRC Resources

A document on racial reconciliation.

This document was written as a response to the racial conflict in South Africa. Click below to learn more.

External Links



Resonate Global Mission

Resonate is responsible for finding leaders in the CRC community from missionaries to pastors to campus ministers. They work to equip new leaders as they engage with people and embrace Christ.


ThereforeGo Ministries

Thereforego specializes in connecting young Christians with communities where they can serve, whether at home or abroad. This non-denominational, non-profit also provides youth ministry support and training.


The Banner

The Banner is the official publication of the CRC of North America, with a range of articles from news to features to reviews. 


Resonate Global Mission Eastern Canada

Regional Resonate works to increase the number of connections between Christians in the area, as well as continuing to work towards their overarching goal of providing leadership to area churches. 


World Renew

World Renew is a missions organization focusing on forming compassionate community in order to change the story of poverty, hunger, and illness.

Diaconal-Ministries-Logo ONLY_Colour PNG.png

Diaconal Ministries Canada

Diaconal Ministries Canada offers a community of support for Deacons in the Christian Reformed Church, with staff and Diaconal Coaches located throughout the country.


Faith Alive Christian Resources

Faith Alive serves to provide resources to the congregations of the CRC by publishing and distributing materials to bring people closer to God.


Calvin Theological Seminary

Calvin Theological Seminary is a CRC-affiliated seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Calvin University

Calvin  University is a CRC-affiliated 4 year university in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Dordt University

Dordt is a CRC-affiliated 4-year university located in Sioux Center, Iowa.


Redeemer University

Redeemer University is a CRC-affiliated 4-year university located in Hamilton, Ontario.


Kings University

Kings University is a CRC-affiliated 4-year university located in Edmonton, Alberta.


Institute for Christian Studies

The ICS is a research center located in Toronto, Ontario, offering graduate studies opportunities, research, and community service.


Trinity Christian College

Trinity is a private Christian college in Palos Heights, Illinois.


Tyndale University

Tyndale is a private multi-denominational university in Toronto, Ontario.

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CRC Ministry Shares

Ministry shares allow us to combine our funds to do more than a single individual or congregation could do on its own. 

Image by Lili Popper

Candidacy and Ordination

Learn about the path to becoming an ordained minister in the CRC.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

The Network

The network is a social platform where members and leaders in the CRC can share denominational resources.


Edvance Christian Schools Association

Edvance is committed to fostering Christian education in elementary and secondary schools in Burlington, Ontario.

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