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A Rule of Life

If Jesus spent 8 hours a day, every day, for three years with his disciples, he would have spent over 8,000 hours with them. And after all that time, they still had major gaps. Today, in a time of waning Christian faith and foundering discipleship, our ministry strategy remains largely unchanged - focused on Sunday worship. But one hour a week on Sunday will never change people. We need a way of life that abides in Jesus, with the support of others.

Rev. Phil Reinders presents the ancient Christian formation tool of a rule of life. Phil did his doctoral research on how a rule of life can function in a congregational setting, and has been leading a rule of life community for the past three years. At a Classis Talks (Classis Toronto) we’ll explore what a rule of life is and how it holds the promise for intentional Christian discipleship and formation in community.

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